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Antioch Youth And Family Services Moving Into New Building In Fort Smith


FORT SMITH, Ark. (KFSM) — The Antioch Youth and Family Services food pantry is packing their bags and officially moving into their new building.

The new facility, which has been under construction for about a year now, is expected to be open in the next 60 days.

It will be 10,000 square feet and give them the ability to have a new and improved education room to offer additional services about nutrition and lifestyle changes, how to do your taxes and much more.

“So all of that folds into how do we deliver services, what are the best practices that we can have, and how then do we raise up children, that can feed their family correctly, know how to manage the dollar and all of those things,” said D So it is a now problem, but its also a future problem that we are looking to solve.

The new facility will be located on 36th St. in Fort Smith.

The Antioch For Youth and Family food pantry has been in downtown Fort Smith for the past 15 years and serve around 7,000 people in need around the community.

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