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UofA Scientist Warn That Liquid Nitrogen Is Dangerous

The Scoop: Dippin dots are going to hurt your children! Nah. Just kidding. The UofA just wanted to give out a precautionary measure by letting everyone know that liquid nitrogen is dangerous when being consumer and has not been fully evaporated.

The Story:

According to food science and safety professors at the University of Arkansas. Dipping frozen deserts in liquid nitrogen before serving, poses many potential health risks.

Liquid nitrogen is a chemical used in many cooling and cryogenic applications… It can be used in a variety of food preparations from commercial industry to gourmet restaurants but should never be ingested.
– Ya-Jane Wang, professor of carbohydrate chemistry

They did provide students a few warnings:

• Be cautious, liquid nitrogen is colorless, tasteless and odorless.

• The extremely cold temperature can burn and damage human tissue.

• All liquid nitrogen must be evaporated.

• Use under proper adult supervision.

Source: Harrison Daily

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