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Walmart his files for a WRN on the closing of its return center in Bentonville.

The Story:

In January Walmart Announced it would be relocating its fashion distribution to a new facility in town, and ultimately close the return center to make room for its new corporate headquarters.

They have sated that about 135 of the 500 associates have already transferred to other facilities, as stated by Anne Hatfield, corporate spokeswoman for Walmart.

There is still time for the remaining associates to transfer as well as the return center will be open for a couple more months..

Federal law requires employers to file a WARN notice (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act 1988) when a facility employing 100 or more is going to be shuttered in the next 60-day period.

Walmart said last year there were an estimated 5,000 workers in offices located in the proposed building site for the new corporate headquarters.

Walmart stated that when the return center in Bentonville shuts down this year, five other RCs spread across the U.S. will pick up that work. The retailer’s print shop, employee store, fitness center and layout center are all located on the large tract of land earmarked for the new corporate offices. As of now they have said there is no definite timeline for the relocation of those buildings, but the process is expected to take up to three years.

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