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Amazon Opened Its First Cashier-less Go Store Outside Of Seattle, In Chicago

The Scoop:
The new store is opening in Chicago today. Like the other stores before it, it’s opened from (from 7AM to 8PM), and it doesn’t have any checkout lines.

The Story:
Amazon has also named San Francisco as another city where it might expand. Earlier this year, Recode reported Amazon was considering building six more stores in 2018, including one in Los Angeles and more in Seattle.

The stores work thanks to hundreds of cameras and sensors that account for what people are buying. People only need to use their Amazon Go app to enter the store, pick up what they need, and leave. The items get charged to their Amazon account automatically as they’re exiting. The process removes the need for human cashiers and also reduces customer wait time.

Now the real question is where is Walmart’s response to this?

Source: The Verge

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