The Scoop: Whether you agree or disagree you can not take the first amendment right away. Which is why a Rogers High School athlete expressed his right of the first amendment during a volleyball game.

The Story:

Rogers High School volleyball player knelt amid the national anthem. It was shared on Facebook provoking a discussion from all sides.

A Local minister (Edwin Strickland), expressed that he shared the post and called out grown-ups who made wrong comments assaulting the young teen’s character. Strickland said whether you agree or don’t, making injurious comments against a child isn’t right.

40/29 contacted Rogers School District and they gave them an explanation that expressed

Rogers Public Schools plays the national song of praise at our athletic occasions to respect our nation. We additionally recognize the laws of our nation which give understudies a first alteration appropriate to free discourse, as long as it doesn’t end up troublesome.

The first post has been brought down.

Source of News & Video: 40/29

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