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Springdale Surpasses Little Rock as The Biggest School District In The State

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The Springdale School District has now surpassed Little Rock as the biggest school district.

The Story:

The Springdale School District is now the biggest school district in Arkansas. Springdale has surpassed Little Rock for the highest enrollment for the new 2018-2019 school year with a just little over 23k students enrolled, Springdale is outnumbering Little Rock by almost 1k students.

That is in part thanks to its neighboring cities Huntsville and Tonitown as they are part of Springdale’s district. The School District also has the highest paid teachers in the state, according to the district’s officials.

It’s simply because we have a lot of room for growth.. I think affordable housing has had a lot to do with it and I think also because we’ve been a very welcoming community, and I think if people know if they come to Springdale they are going to get a good education.

Rick Shaeffer, Communications Director for Springdale Public Schools

Source: Encyclopedia of Arkansas

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