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Where ever you turn you see ads online, magazines, tv, and now even public school buses.

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The Bentonville School District reveals its first set of school bus advertisements today.

This kind of marketing isn’t something new to Arkansas. In 2015, the state legislature passed Act 941 which allowed advertising on public school buses. Bentonville School Board Vice President Eric White says the district had considered the program in the past and is now moving forward with it.

Our goal isn’t to raise money here. Our goal is to have this program self-sustained and have funds available to do some things with school buses that we might not have been able to do before…


The advertising revenue goes towards the transportation department budget. Taxpayers do not foot any of the cost. The money would help fund GPS, lighting, and security improvements on the buses. It would also be used to provide additional training for drivers.

Businesses will have to pay $2,500 for a 1-year sponsorship. The board estimates that the program will provide roughly $175,000 in funds for the first year and up to $300,000 by year three.

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