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Rogers Approves More Apartments

The Scoop:

Residents in Rogers are not excited to see the new apartment but the vote was unanimous. The Builder argue that it is business professionals and it is need as 34 people move into NWA a day.

The Story:

The Rogers City Council voted in favor of rezoning about 20 acres in west Rogers from agriculture to multi-family residential.

The vote was unanimous during a meeting Tuesday (Aug. 14).

A developer has presented plans to build an apartment complex on the land located along Dodson Road, next to the newly built Arvest Bank data center.

Neighbors who live around the property weren’t entirely on board with the plans to add traffic to what some call an already congested area.

Andrea Klokow, president of the local property owners association, represented the homeowners on Tuesday.

The properties lie along Dodson Road and they have very real concerns that their property values could be impacted,” said Klokow, after the vote.

The ones who are right along what’s about to become a five-lane road, they may be impacted negatively… –  Klokow

Bill Watkins, an attorney representing the builder, said the area in west Rogers is the best place to use as the population grows.

That area is the next growth corridor for Rogers… That’s the only other place Rogers can expand is to the west and even that’s somewhat limited, but this area is the next one that’s ripe for development and that’s why this is happening in that place. – Watkins

Watkins said the apartments will be rented at full market value and will be geared toward professionals and families.

The operative number is somewhere between 33 and 34 people a day are moving to Northwest Arkansas… A lot of those people work at Walmart and for the vendors that support Walmart and they need a place to live. – Watkins

Now that the proposal has passed, Klokow stated she hopes the city and the builder will work with nearby residents.

We are hoping to work with them to make sure it does get improved when they put in this new development, and also that the city moves Dodson Road up higher on their priority list – Klokow.

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